Aircraft Acquisition, Sales & Advisory

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Echo assists you in defining your needs, budget and expected usage of the aircraft – finding what works best for you.

We also advise, review and present on behalf of our customers – providing all necessary purchasing documents. Through our network of aviation experts, we can even assist on the technical aspects of the acquisition with our network of industry professionals. At Echo, we also have a fully dedicated aircraft sales team to lead the entire process with listing and selling your aircraft and ensuring the best possible value for your asset.

Loan Financing

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As a direct lender, Echo is proud to provide the most flexible and competitive debt structures for the financing of your aircraft.

After an initial meeting with our team, we will evaluate your financing needs and present to you various financing structures to ensure that it is perfectly in-line with your expectations and capital requirements. We add-value to any acquisition with a prompt closing to ensure that funding occurs in alignment with your acquisitions and expectations.

Aircraft owners can turn to Echo leasing to maximize return on their under-utilized aircraft.

Echo will structure, negotiate and service the lease on behalf of the owner so they can generate income from the lease payments without having to bother with managing all the aspects of the transaction.

Echo also acts as a direct lessor, using its own funds coming from private investors to acquire aircraft that are offered for lease to our customers. As Echo is not burdened with stringent bank regulations, we have the capacity to be flexible and structure our leases in such a way that we can match our clients’ expectations as much as possible.

Portfolio Management

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In the current economic environment, the aviation sector continues to offer solid risk-adjusted returns, however, the recent introduction of more stringent bank regulations under Basel III have fundamentally changed the business aircraft finance market. Through its unmatched experience and expertise in aviation finance, Echo is well-qualified to advise lenders, lessors and investors on how to best manage existing portfolios and assist on many of the day-to-day tasks such as:

  • Servicing of performing and non-performing loans & leases
  • Review and monitoring of obligors and aircraft management companies
  • Repossessions and re-marketing of aircraft
  • Return of end of lease aircraft